How to Score Better in UPSC Sociology?

Candidates who are aspiring to crack UPSC are very hopeful about getting better scores. If you can pass through the prelims, you will qualify to the mains where you have to choose an optional subject. Most of the students prefer choosing sociology as an optional subject because of its concise syllabus.

If you plan to take up sociology as your optional subject and attend the sociology online classes, this article is apt for you. Here, you will get to know some strategies which will help you get a better score in sociology.

Why choose sociology as an optional subject?

There are some reasons which will help you find the answer to the question in the subhead. Here are the reasons:

  • Concise syllabus and scoring

Many toppers took up sociology as their optional paper, mainly because of the short syllabus. As you already know how vast and strenuous the entire UPSC syllabus is. Keeping this in mind, if you choose something lighter as your optional paper, you will feel a bit relieved. If you look at the toppers of the consecutive years, you will find that they have scored pretty well in the optional sociology paper. So, it is suggested that you start your online classes for sociology optional as soon as possible.

  • Ample resources

Since the subject is a bit easier than other optional subjects, you will find a lot of study materials on sociology. You can check out the internet for materials. Also, the coaching classes that you join will help you with standard notes on sociology. Besides, there are various books that you can go through. When studying sociology, make sure to analyze every theory and opinion of every thinker in depth. It will help you write long answers.

  • No former knowledge required

Being a UPSC aspirant, it is prevalent for you to be a little hesitant to take up sociology in your optional paper. But, worry not because the syllabus is less. Moreover, to study sociology for your optional paper, you don’t need to have in-depth knowledge about the subject. Once you go through the introduction and scope of sociology, you will have a basic knowledge of it.

  • Overlapping portions

You will find some portions of the sociology syllabus familiar to the general paper. When you prepare for General Paper I, you are already preparing for a significant portion of the sociology syllabus. At least 50 marks from the sociology paper can be completed by studying the general paper.

Techniques to score better in UPSC sociology

To get better scores in UPSC sociology optional paper, here are some tips that you can accommodate into your studying strategy:

  • Understand the syllabus

When you are preparing for a civil service exam, understanding the syllabus is imperative. Once you understand the syllabus, it will be easier for you to complete the syllabus. Also, the syllabus will systematically guide you.

  • Prepare notes

While you sit to study sociology, keep a copy beside you to jot down the essential concepts and keywords that you come across. The more technical terms you use in your answers, the better will your marks be. Further, if you include any important technical term or concept in your answer, you can highlight it. This will leave a better impression on the mind of the examiner.

  • Keep track of completed portions

When studying sociology, always try to correlate the movements and theories of the past with that of the present. Besides, pay attention to the parts of your completed and the portions that are still left to be completed. So, when you are writing answers about any traditional movement, you can cite some contemporary examples.

  • Sit for mock tests

The more you test yourself, the better you know about how prepared you are. For best results in the UPSC, sit for as many mock tests as you can. Check out how much more you have to work hard.

  • Writing format

Since every question is different, the presentation of answers for each question will vary too. You can answer some in points, some in paragraph format, and some critically.


So, sociology as an optional subject has been a popular one amongst UPSC aspirants and a scoring subject. The more you can understand the concept, the easier it will be for you to understand.

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